Drinking chocolate is like coming home. Tasting the song of seasons, transcending the body.

As a tiny, delicate flower, I plummet to the rainforest floor. Blooming just above our native red clay; I touchdown, evaporating into the soil.

Trinidad Drinking Chocolate

Sipping once more, I retrace an ancestral path from below, becoming whole again, at one with the root.

…She reached the stairs, and I sensed excitement growing among the fevergrass and dasheen bush. Aromas, strangely familiar – like private spirits dancing, whispering secrets of heritage and healing into my nostrils – were shifting their weight toward me, in flux, coalescing into a darker something.
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From a distance, they can see us sprouting, breaking ground, extending our limbs out into the world; having at last, reclaimed the heart of the Caribbean.

your little heart
paints the horizon
water the palms
with the wet season
of youth so often
clashing against
the dry ones