Beni Tonka

Deep Ingredients.

Coming home to a song of seasons transcend
into flavours flowering from rainforest root
native red clay reclaim the heart of the Caribbean

Invoke the spirit of trinidad

…She reached the stairs, and I sensed excitement growing among the fevergrass and dasheen bush. Aromas, strangely familiar – like private spirits dancing, whispering secrets of heritage and healing into my nostrils – were shifting their weight toward me, in flux, coalescing into a darker something.
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Beni Tonka accented recipes – a guide for crossing cultural lines with traditional Trini reworks. Take a creole culinary adventure into any kitchen and table. Possessed by the Caribbean spirit, taste your own imagination and share the vast paradise within.
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your little heart
paints the horizon
water the palms
with the wet season
of youth so often
clashing against
the dry ones