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Beni Tonka OYA Cacao Liqueur is a delicate, melanated spirit made with Beni Tonka Cacao from the island of Trinidad. In honor of the Orisha warrior goddess of the winds of change. It is made with Caribbean rum and organic cane sugar. Manufactured and bottled at Suderman Bar in Cologne, Germany.

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  • savor as an apertif, digestif or cocktail
  • top off cakes, brownies, fill truffles
  • best in an iced glass for a super cool entry and a smooth, warm afterglow
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Oya is the Trinidad Orisha goddess of the winds of change, of the marketplace, of everything spicy and sweet, of fire. She is the fierce protector of the feminine spirit, holding a blade in one hand and ancestral memory in the other. Orisha is the Yoruban word for god.  Many of the Orishas were regional deities who traveled with enslaved peoples from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas, sparking variations of Afro-Caribbean worship throughout the hemisphere.

OYA: The Suderman Spirit

…a distant murmur of liveliness in the air and the bar windows glowed warm in an ecstasy of amber rubies. It glistened at us. In our drinks, I could see reflections of Chico [Dominique Simon] and Felix [Engels] inside, engaging in an intricate choreography, full of twists and shakes, spins, bobs and weaves – like shadow boxers ascending rhythmically into a deep trance, dodging and absorbing make-believe punches. Transfixed, we gazed at them for a moment. Then, I turned back to my friend, “Just let me finish my drink.”      >>>>>continue

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