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Beni Tonka Cacao, a pristine 30 g cacao gemstone, individually sculpted by hand. Every cacao gemstone is different. Made of 100% ceremonial grade cacao, semi-wild grown, deep fermented, sun-bathed underneath a Caribbean sun and stone-ground in our native Trinidad. Rediscover its transcendent, restorative power. Glow in the surprise of all your friends and dinner guests!

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  • Sprinkle from a height over sweet and savory dishes
  • Add touches to coffee, hot chocolate and cocktails
  • Fancify your breakfast muesli, yogurts or smoothies
  • Mix with light oils to make a revitalizing scrub!
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Beni Tonka Cacao

Mysterious, forbidden and indulgent – Beni Tonka Cacao sweetens experience, calms the nerves, energizes and excites. Used for millennia as a mystic brew made from coarsely ground, fermented cacao beans, chili and spice. Then, they’d brew the mixture beneath the surface of hot water, giving cacao room to bloom.

Imagine yourself, like them, pouring that elixir from one cup to another, from a height, awakening the spirit of the drink, the froth. At last, they would sip this goodness, allowing the slow, glowing seductive flavor to guide them into spiritual visibility during rituals and heated affairs!

Made in Trinidad

Beni Tonka Cacao is locally grown, harvested and manufactured. Trinidad has a long, defiant tradition of making cacao. At home, we get the best flavors and textures out of our beans, and take care of our farmers, manufacturers and their families directly and first. >>>>> read more

Papa Bois – protector of flora and fauna. A full bearded, wholly weathered spirit. Half-man, half-beast, cloven feet, crowned with Kudu horns, detached at will, and sounded upon rescue of an endangered animal. Morphing into any creature of his choice, he surprises poachers, casting a sinister spell to transform his victim into a quenk.

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